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    How to Block your ATM card when Lost or Misplaced

    Banking Fraud is rampant today,  it's very easy for fraudulent activities to be performed on you , if your ATM card is misplaced and found by hackers or stolen, hackers can use this informations against you to steal your money or gain access into your bank account.
    That's why I have compiled this article to help you block your ATM from your phone when misplaced.
    You can do that in Five minutes .
    Follow the Step below if you're using UBA BANK.

    Step 1: Dial *919#.
    Step 2: Select Banking Service and send. 
    Step 3: Select block ATM card. 
    Step 4: choose the account number you want to block ATM. 
    Step 5: Type your pin and a charge of #5 would be deducted from your bank. 

    Your Debit card has been successfully blocked

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