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    Can I be Traced by Websites or Google when I use VPN?

    Can I be Traced by Google and Websites when I use VPN?

    Everyone browses through websites and uses Google for everyday activity, the use of Google  which has played and imporatnt role in the world of technology cannot be denied. Google is one of the most used websites in the world today, having atleast 100 billion searches a month or even more. According to Amit Singhal, Senior Vice President of Google Search.

    We should be aware Google and other Websites are monitoring, what we do, Google and other websites are able to know our locations when we visit there websites, for instance, you are visting TheComputerSecurity Website, the only way the admin or the website owner can identify you is your unique IP Address. IP address is a unique Address assigend to you by your Internet provider, it enables Google and websites to be able to track you, also know your location. 

    Google unlike websites also uses this information to predict your age, location, post code and more, this information is used by Google and other websites to give you information limited to your location.

    What is a VPN?

    A VPN  is an acronym called (Virtual Private Network), as it name implies, a VPN is a Private Network that enables a user to change their IP address. VPN is one of the most used tools used by hackers or Security professionals to portray hacking skills as it's very wrong to use the Internet naked due to malwares or spywares, but you can protect yourself from this attacks.
    Can I be Traced by Websites or Google when I use VPN?

    Why do I need a VPN

    Google unlike websites uses IP address to track you, also government agencies spy on us everyday, they have access to our information very easily, Google being one of the most used websites unlike websites like Facebook, twitter uses our IP address to get our location and give us content we need for mostly, only that location.

     Everyone wouldnt love to be tracked or monitored when using the internet, we all want full privacy of content, for instance someone who is learning based on out of his/ her scope and the available information realesed by Google or websites is limited to there IP address location. Also when browsing through malicious websites or dangerous websites, we can Protect ourselves and cover our location using VPN.

    Why I need a VPN for Google and Website?

  • To protect ourselves from hackers

  • To stop websites from tracking what we do.

  • To have access to data we want even out of our scope.

  • To be safe when visiting sites that are dangerous.

  • Since, we have paid VPN, paid VPN are mostly the best VPN to be used and would give that 100% anonymity below are lists I have compiled

    What VPN can I use to Hide my Identity.

    As stated below we need a VPN to protect ourseleves from Google and other websites from monitoring our activities, what VPN should we use? 

    We have varities of VPN but using the best VPN matters, most VPN are only meant to get your data for free, how? You download the VPN and you get it Installed, what most of this VPN do is to steal your data and sell them to organization, that's why i have compiled this VPN as recommended as best VPN to be used

    List of Best VPN

  • HMA Pro VPN

  • Nord VPN

  • Express VPN

  • CyberGhost VPN

  • TunnelBear VPN

  • If you would wish to have 100% anonymity I stronlgy recommend you use the following VPN above, as Google and other websites wont be able to track you anymore.

    How does Google and other website see me when I use VPN?

    Google or other websites wont be able to track your activites when you use VPN, Google and other websites once you register one of the above listed VPN, Google unlike other websites wont see your location anymore, Google would only see that the IP address assigned to you by your ISP(Internet Service Provider) is blocked.

    Best Free VPN to be used for Phones and Computer

  • Winscribe VPN

  • SumRando VPN

  • Rita VPN

  • Betternet Hotspot VPN

  • Can I be Traced by Websites or Google when I use VPN?

    Note: I am recommending these VPN based on the ones i have used if you have any addition or most have been satisfied with a VPN you used before please add it in the comment box.
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