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    Glo unlimited browsing(Newly Introduced)

    Glo is blazing again with unlimited browsing  introduced.

    Are you using Glo and you wish to browse free Unlimited?  Off course you're in the right place .

    Glo has introduced unlimited browsing, how can you browse unlimited?

    Follow the steps below .

    1. Get a Glo SIM card on your phone. 
    2. Recharge #200 migrate to Glo Yakata. 
    3. if you are migrating from glo new yakata.... it might not be successful..
    4. Migrate to Glo bounce by dialing *170*4#
    5. then migrate to yakata by dialing *230#

    Then load another #200 wait for your "yakata reward message" then start downloading unlimitedly.

    If this works for you please leave a comment below so others would see to your testimony .

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