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    Hacker who tried to blackmail Apple sentenced to Prison in London

    A group of hackers in 2017 around May claimed they had access to about 300 million iCloud accounts in there possession, they also threatend to wipe out millions of iCloud accounts if Apple were not able to pay a sum of $75,000 through a bitcoin account or a sum of $100,000 iTunes card. 

    In a report, in March 2017, Karem Albayrak from North London, said he was the group leader of "Turkish Crime Family" where he also claimed he would wipe out the account of 319 million iCloud accounts if Apple didn't pay before Deadline.

    These hackers called themselves the Turkish crime family, when Apple asked them for proof over the acclaimed 300 million iCloud hack scandal,  they rather posted a YouTube video indicating just one iCloud user and showing how they wiped out this users data. Apple tried by verifying the scandal but as that moment another report of this Turkish crime family also claimed the iCloud accounts in possession was 200 million on his twitter account and his email was 300 million, and another says 559 million.

    The NCA investigation, were into the matter and discovered there was no compromised iCloud accounts and the account which they had access to was a third party and mostly inactive. 

    However, Apple also warned the group, saying it doesn't condone or pay Cyber Criminals for scandals or Crimes and asked them to remove the scandal tape so as not to cause inconveniences for there customers. 

    Karem Albayrak was later arraigned by the police in late May 2017, where some devices were seized from him including his laptops and some gadgets. 

    Karem Albayrak later pleaded guilty earlier this month and he was sentenced 2 years in Prison,  300 hours of neighbourhood work without been paid and six months of electronic curfew .

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