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    How to hack Wi-Fi using new way of Attack on WPA/WPA2

    Wi-Fi hack is something or a trick everyone want to do anytime,  it's not very easier to hack into Wi-Fi security, using of apps like Brute Force and others takes time, This is why a new way of Wi-Fi hack has being coined by a Security researcher.

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    Looking for how to hack WiFi password OR WiFi hacking software?

    Well, a security researcher has found a new WiFi hacking technique that makes it easier for hackers to crack WiFi passwords.
    The attack which affects the WPA/WPA2 enabled Wi-Fi was discovered by Steuba, this happend when he was analyzing the newly launched WPA3 Security standard.

    This new technique can allow attackers to recover the Pre-shared Key (PSK) login passwords, which allow them to hack into your Wi-Fi network and eavesdrop on the Internet communications or data.

    How to Hack WiFi Password Using PMKID

    how to hack wifi password software
    The researcher revelead, the previous Wi-Fi hacking requires a target to log into a network and then capture a full 4-way authenticaion handshake (EAPOL), this is a network authentication protocol. 

    This new attack does not require the target to be on the hackers network rather by getting its RSN IE (Robust Security Network Information Element) through the use of a single EAPOL (Extensible Authentication Protocol over LAN) frame it's got by requesting it from the access point.
    Robust Security Network is a protocol for establishing secure communications over an 802.11 wireless network and it has PMKID, this key is needed to establish a connection between a client and an access point, this is regarded as one of its capabilities.

    Step 1 — Download and use a tool, like hcxdumptool (v4.2.0 or higher), to request the PMKID of target. 

    $ ./hcxdumptool -o test.pcapng -i wlp39s0f3u4u5 --enable_status

    Step 2 — Download the hcxpcaptool tool, it's output (in pcapng format) of the frame can then be converted into a hash format accepted by Hashcat.

    $ ./hcxpcaptool -z test.16800 test.pcapng

    Step 3 — Proceed to use the Hashcat (v4.2.0 or higher) password cracking tool and obtain the WPA PSK (Pre-Shared Key) password, boom Wi-Fi password has been hacked. 

    $ ./hashcat -m 16800 test.16800 -a 3 -w 3 '?l?l?l?l?l?lt!'

    This is how we can get a password hacked,  this process can take much time depending on the length of password and how strong it's tends to be 

    But we think it will work against all 802.11i/p/q/r networks with roaming functions enabled (most modern routers), "Steube said.

    This new Eid technique works with roaming network it is  important to brute force your password.

    To be safe from this attack,  users are requested to save there password with a strong combination that would be difficult to crack. 

    The Wi-Fi hack listed above doesn't work for WPA3 WI-FI which is the next generation Wi-Fi Protocol .

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