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    How to hide folder with cmd in 2 minutes


    how to hide files with cmd

    Have you ever thought about hiding files on your computer with cmd, do you know you can use Command prompt (Cmd) to hide files on your computer?

    One useful stuff you can do with Command prompt is hiding files or folder using few commands.

    If you ever thought about learning some few tricks with cmd (command prompt) you should read through this article.

    If you using Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista or XP this hiding files with cmd would work on your computer.

    If I hide files with Cmd does anyone see it?

    No, if you hide files with cmd no one sees it.

    How to hide files using Cmd

    These are frequent questions people ask, if you are cut up in any of these questions after this article you should learn how you can perform hiding trick with Cmd.

    hide folder using cmd attrib
    cmd /hide
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    how to hide and unhide folder in windows 10
    which command is used to display hidden files
    how to hide folder name in windows 10
    how to hide files in laptop
    • Hold Windows key + R, and type "cmd" hit enter button.
    how to hide files with cmd

    • Specify the directory and type the following command on cmd (command prompt)..
      e. g.  C:\Users\cd Desktop  ------->  This takes you to the Desktop directory
    how to hide folders on cmd

    Type the command below to hide folder with Cmd  
    C:\Users\cd Desktop attrib -h -r -s (Specify file name)

    To Unlock the file 

    Type the following command 

    C:\Users\cd Desktop attrib +h +r +s (Specify file name)  

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