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    How to Lock or Control Device when Lost

    Do you know you can control your device if it’s get missing?

    Yea, it possible to do that, for instance a phone gets missing and the owner have some important files in that phone and you wish to erase your data remotely or find the phone’s Location, that’s why this post is important to read through.

    Every android phone operates with Google-Playstore or even support Google playstore that’s is why it’s important to know how you can safeguard your devices, either from hackers or from malwares.
    This article would guide you on how you can control your device remotely.

    You can control your device remotely when you are not there.
    Why do you need to control your device?

    • ·       Children restrictions towards viewing adult contents.
    • ·       Controlling your device when you are not there.
    • ·       Knowing people who are using your device.
    • ·       Easily locate your device if lost or stolen.
    For you to be able to control your device i.e android, tablets and others.

    You would need to have the following in place.

    • ·   Device should be connected to the internet.

    • ·    Device location should always be ON. and having a Gmail account signed in to the device.

    Firstly, go-to to Google-Play-Store.
    Search for Find my Device and download the file.
    or click on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.adm&hl=en
    You can either use the app or use Google Search console. 
    Type in your Gmail Username and Password.
     The textbox for phone number is a place where you put in the number you want to be displayed on the phone screen.

    Insert your gmail username and password 

    If you are using find my Device, click on find my Device and the location of your phone appears 

    Register the app by using your Gmail account, once this is done, try to leave your location ON always so incase.

    Log in from another device, e.g Desktop, Laptop or any other device. 

    Type on Google search Find My Device.

    You are already signed in, choose your device you want to find or control, you would find three options which is as follows;
    Play Sound.
    Secure Device
    Erase Device

    Either of the three choose what you wish to do on that device by clicking you option
    For instance, I am using Secure Device for an option.

    Once I click on Secure the Pop shows, a message box i.e (Message I wish to show or display on the phone and a Textbox for phone number.

    Once that’s done, the Phone locks immediately and displays the number on the Phone.

    Note: This can only work if you have Location turned on in your device and also a Standard Network.

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