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    How to Protect yourself from Virus Attacks

    Virus are malicious codes or programs written to destroy a computer, delete files and crash computer system.

    This program usually require a third party to be able to get access into a device. Viruses are created everyday and its very easy to get infected by Virus.

    How can one get Infected by Computer Virus?
    Anyone can get infected by computer virus, getting infected is quite easy. Below are ways you can get infected by computer Virus.

    1. Clicking on links
    2. Receiving files.
    3. Downloading files
    4. Connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

    Almost everyone uses the internet,  and majority of virus are exploited today via internet, you can get infected via emails, downloading of files etc.

    How can you protect yourself from Virus.?

    It's necessary to understand the risks involved when browsing through a website, the first thing to look out for is if the http at the browser tab looks like this (https//:learningvilla03.blogspot.com) what's the difference here?

    we should always ensure that websites we visit has https not http, this actually reduces the risk of virus but not saying you can't be infected even though.

    Downloading of files.
    When you download files you can get infected by virus.

    Majority of virus infected devices are gotten from file downloads, email downloads, it's very necessary to look out for a file extension before you can download a file, for instance you receive an email from someone if it's has an extension make sure you look carefully at the file extension before downloading for instance a typical attachment usually come in .PDF format, make sure this is checked.
    don't click on links just anyhow on internet,  be careful with links you click.
    Always make sure you clear your cache on other devices when you're through.

    Have a good anti virus on your device, Majority of  android Anti Virus we have on PlayStore are either Virus or spywares, read my article below to know more about good anti virus.

    Regular update of operating system
    Updating an operating system subdue or reduce risk of virus attacks, it's necessary to always update your Operating system.

    Lastly, always ensure you don't connect to any device just at anytime, it's very necessary to understand connecting to any device at anytime is risk. Ensure you scan through a device befoee you connect so as not to be infected by virus or spyware.

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