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    How to Reset your IP address with Android Phone

    Learn How to Reset Your IP address .

    Do you wish to reset your IP address  on your Android Phone? Yea, you' re step away from doing that, kindly read this article and follow the steps below.

    What is an IP address ?

    An IP address is called an (Internet Protocol) that enables the ease of communication when using the Internet. An IP address is set of four unique keys ranging from the numbers 0 - 255.

    How to reset ip address on android

    What is my IP address used for?

    1. An IP address is used to guess the location of a user, the IP address is like a car that drives back a message to a sender, for instance, a sender sends messages to a person, the message is stored and assigned to the receivers IP address , the receiver is able to receive the message because the message was sent and assigned to their IP address
    2. An IP address makes it possible for the Internet to deliver messages to the sender and receiver. thus, it's done by recording the IP address of the sender and delivering the message to the assigned IP address . 

    How to reset ip address with phone

    To understand more about an IP Address , lets assume you searched something on Google, Google saves up your IP address and when the 
    information you want is ready, Google sends back the information to 
    the assigned IP address .

    What Does an IP address Looks like?

    An IP address is a four unique digits, separated by dots its ranges between the numbers 0- 255.
    we have known what an IP address and what it looks like.
    How to reset ip address on android

    How do we reset IP address

    How to reset IP address without using a VPN?

    What's a VPN? 

    A VPN is called a Virtual Private Network that enables a user reset their IP addresses completely.

    This can be easily done with an android phone or device.

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    We have known what an IP address is and how it looks like, the next 
    question is, why do we need to reset our IP address or reset IP addresses.
    A website or a company might decide to block a user due to some suspicious activities, the reason why we see “Unable to connect” or “IP address banned” in a website sometimes, it is because the website could have banned that users IP address . 

    More so, Your IP address is an assigned key that makes people know 
    who you are on the internet, since we don’t have to type our names to every website, our IP address is like our identity that’s why it’s advisable you keep your IP address hidden or sometimes reset your IP address , we all know what an IP address is and why it’s crucial to 
    leave an IP address Open.

    How to Reset IP address using your Android Phone.

    1. Go-to Google-PlayStore search for the app IP address changer.
    How to reset ip address on android

    2. Install the app and open it.
    3. Open a browser on your Phone or device, to know IP address type on the search pane “What is my IP address ” or “My IP address ”.
    How to reset ip address on android

    How to reset ip address on android

    4. Take note of your IP address .
    5. Go back to the app and you would find two Options, click on 
    “Change IP address ”.
    How to reset ip address on android

    6. Leave it let it Load, after that go back to Google and type “My IP 
    address ”.

    You should see your IP address had reset from the first to another.

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