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    Introduction to Computer (PDF)

    A computer is a device that makes work faster. Computers have quite good attributes, which includes :

    1. Durability 
    2. Accuracy 
    3. A computer is fast. 
    4. A computer can store files. 
    5. A computer manipulates large computation process in a lesser time. 

    Series of computers have been made over the past years,  examples of computers  companies are HP,  Dell,  Samsung, Acer and lots more. 

    A computer is made up of different parts which includes the Monitor , keyboard , mouse,  printer, plotter , scanner and lots more some other memory devices which speeds up the computer and enables the computer to work well is the RAM(Read Access Memory),  ROM (Read only Memory), Also the CPU (central Processing Unit). The CPU is mostly called the brain of the computer,  what it does is to speed up the work of a computer, a very fast Computer is expected to have a high CPU spec. 

    Download Introduction to Computer below.
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