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    Samsung Fold 2 is set to be Out!!

    Samsung Fold2 and Spec

    Samsung, which is set to release Samsung Fold 2 
    The Samsung Galaxy Fold was a device Samsung produced not quite long and everyone who had seen a picture of the phone would have loved to use it even though Samsung Fold suffered from flaws at first, it's later one of the best devices used, Samsung Fold is one of Samsung's most premium device in market. Samsung Fold works like a normal device just like the newly device launched of recent by Samsung A series and A71
    Samsung Fold 

    Samsung Fold also has a weird factor making it feauture as Samsung most developed device. Samsung Fold has the ability to flip I.e Samsung Fold can be bent (Isn't that weird)? , but Everyone would have loved to use this device Samsung Fold.
    Samsung Fold2

    Samsung is set to introduce new Samsung Fold 2 which is a flipping device,  everyone is currently expecting the new Device Samsung Fold 2 to be released soon as has some cool features .

     Leaked Picture of Samsung Fold2

    But,  what we are not sure of now is When Samsung would release this device, we are able to see some leaked pictures of Samsung Fold 2 already, we are certain Samsung would have this device released before they release Samsung S11/S20.

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