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    Snapchat is Set to introduce Bitmoji TV.

    Snapchat is set to introduce Bitmoji TV, a Bitmoji avatar that will become star of a full motion cartoon.

    Bitmoji TV would be introduced in February 2020, Snapchat which is one of the most popular apps in the world is set to make things global in 2020 , beyond the evolution of Chat stickers and use of comic strip-style, they have added a step forward by introducing a program which would be a great advancement in Snapchat.

    Snapchat being a great application, apart from the usage of emojis , the introduction of Bitmoji feautures would be entertaining to users.

    As users would be able to watch and see series,  users can subscribe to the TV show and anytime a TV series is available users would be given a notification .

    This Bitmoji creates more fun for the users,  it's create original in-house shows and it's discovers sections that can't be copied and could help Bitmoji TV (Snapchat)  differentiate from Plethora of short video platforms , ranging Facebook to YouTube watch and TikTok.

    Bitmoji would also be an amazing feature If introduced in 2020 February, an amazing feature meant to discover the eye and draw a click

    Snapchat which has been in competition with other apps like facebook which had argumented majority of its feautures, and added a few more filters this had made Snapchat to be struggling over the few years, but the introduction of Bitmoji is an exceptional innovation. Few months ago Facebook introduced it's interest on its own Bitmoji filters which was later introduced in Facebook messenger app. 

    Snapchat is not ready to give full specification about the app program, due to competition by other apps.  This TV show is a good return for Bitmoji (Snapachat). It's startup was originally created to customizing the hair, face,  clothes and more so it's had improved to creating comic strips for them to appear in.  
    Snapchat bought Bitstrip in 2016 for just $64.2 million - was actually same way facebook bought instagram for about a Billion.  The standalone app Bitmoji later blew up as soon as they introduced the avatars as chat stickers in Bitmoji app, it was able to have about 330 million downloads as of April according to a report by Sensor Tower, despite Snap now making to create and edit your avatar in there main app. 

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