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    Update your WhatsApp as a new bug that can crash your WhatsApp has been discovered.

    Whatsapp has fixed a patch that could have allowed any malicious group member to crash-loop everyones Whatsapp in a group, this vulnerability was discovered and was patched by Whatsapp last week. 

    The vulnerability is done by a member sending a message that would crash -loop thw whole members Whatsapp, even if a member closes there Whatsapp the loop still continues and eventually making the Whatsapp user to uninstall the app. 

    This vulnerability affects both android and iOS devices including windows devices.  This bug which works by causing Whatsapp to crash, since the user needs to open their Whatsapp messages in group and won't be able to delete the message because the crash loop continues, makes the user to uninstall the app, hence loosing access to files and exiting some group during the process.

    This loop which was discovered by researchers in Israeli Cybersecurity firm Check Point, making it the latest bug resided I'm WhatsaApp implementation in XMPP communication, is a bug that crashes the group when a member with invalid phone number drops a malicious message to the group.

    We should take note that this attack would not affect the malicious sender,  since the message was been injected in transit after the sender sends this malicious message from his device. 

    The Israeli Cybersecurity Checkpoint firm, reported this bug in late August to WhatsApp security team, the company later patched the bug when they released WhatsApp version 2.19.58 in mid-September.

    The WhatsApp developers also added new feature to the app to prevent adding of people in unwanted groups, this would enable WhatsaApp to monitor more keenly the activities done in groups.

    "WhatsApp had been one of the world's leading communication channels, in businesses and government agencies, it would actually look very bad to delete and install WhatsApp because of bugs which is actually a bad weapon for bad actors," Oded Vanunu, Check Point's Head of Product Vulnerability Research said.
    WhatsApp has urge all users to update there application so as not to fall victim for this new bug, the bug had been fixed and would require users to have there application updated. 

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