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    What's Botnets and how it can be prevented

    A Botnet is a system of internet which is linked or connected and each running with a bot. A botnet is a word gotten from "robot" and "internet".
    A botnet system

     A botnet can be used to perform different  malicious attacks by the owner,  the owner controls the botnet to perform different actions on a system or computer.
    A botnet can perform DDOS attack,  most successful DDOS attacks we see today are mostly performed by botnets, never forget a botnet is a Computer system that is connected each having there own bot.

    This bots are used by hackers to perform malicious intent, e.g DDOS attack, Spyware instalation, Trojan Horse , Virus,  Cyber fraud, Data extortion and lots more. 

    Botnet on Home System. 

    It's quite possible to have botnet on your system, and you wouldn't even notice, even your computer system works much fine without given any signs of errors or give any suspicious hint. These botnet can be used for many things,  hackers use this bots to get informations about there target in Penetration Testing .

    These botnet system can be easily controlled by the attacker through the use of Control and Command (C&C) or software tools. 
    How botnet works 

    Botnet on websites

    Most website traffic generated today are mostly done by Bots ,according to a report it is said about 40% of traffic generated on internet is done by botnets, these bots try to run through a websites and check for Domains and IP addresses, it gets informations, compare them, analyze it's target holes and send back result to the attacker. The attacker runs whichever activities it want to perform on the network server. 

    These botnet can be connected to system A, System B, System C,  System D and more. All of which each has a bot running on one. As tired as the (cliché).

     We all know hackers try to study about it's target and then run a quick test to know which Ports are Open, the use of bot makes Information gathering or Reconnaissance easier for hackers.

    How can we protect ourselves from Botnet? 
    This question is has similar to how can I be protected from hacking? . It's simple and sound,  anyone can be hacked but Prevention makes it hard to get hacked. How can I then be protected from botnet and it's attacks. 

    As said earlier,  an hacker gets information about it's target through any means, Firstly it's important you don't leave important informations Open to Space,  OK what about IP addresses, you can't be hacked when tracks about you is not Open, a gateway to hacking is IP addresses, an hacker searches for it's target and gets Domain names compile them and gets IP addresses that are mostly used by target. 

    Ways to Prevent botnet Attacks

    • Don't leave important informations open to Space. 
    • Always make sure you don't visit infected sites i.e (sites that redirects your links are mostly virus infected sites be careful to look out for https don't browse on sites with http). Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secured rather than just Http. 
    • It is important to always update your softwares and Operating System, this is by chance the most appreciated way to avoid botnets attacks. 
    • Don't click on Pop up links, or Porn sites links. 

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