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    What is Email Spoofing and how it can be prevented

    What is email spoofing

    Email spoofing 

    Email spoofing is an act of sending a forged email to an individual. This is done by changing the MAIL FROM of an email to the spoofed email.
    Email spoofing

    For example.
    Alice computer is being infected and Bob and Charlie's emails addresses are collected from Alice computer, the Malware is use to send a spoofed email to Charlie thinking the messages was from Bob.

    More importantly, email spoofing is a malicious act and it is done to decieve people. e. g An email thought sent by a top official to a company but turns out email was forged, this is email spoofing. it's a kind of dubious act and had played a defective role in the Cyber world.

    Computer system is mostly targeted with different Malware attack and others,  that's why it's important to note security measures when using the internet, "Anyone can be hacked "but this hacks,  can be prevented Before it's targeted towards you.

    An hacker gathers information about his/her targets, this is why 90% of attacks are possible due to information gathering,  he/she gets to know who his/her target talks to, studies him/her internally and externally .

    Email spoofing is done to deface and individual,  also email spoofing can implicate a target resulting him/her responsible for a crime committed, that's why it's important to understand ways of prevention of this attacks .

    It's quite advisable to note the risks involved in internet part of which email spoofing is among.

    The need of clearing of browsers caches, using an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (Domain Key Identified Mails).  This protocols are set to minimize or subdue the need of Email spoofing.

    Conclusion : Everyone is prone to hacking, it is important to adhere to cybersecurity preventive measures, one good advise I would give is to keep your devices private.

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