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    19 year Old Iran Teen hacked and Deface US website.

    Iran Teen had been launching attacks on US sites by "defacing"  websites with pro messages .
    A new attack that was lunched on Phil Openshaw, a retired dentist from California , haven't checked his website for while, "He was told, to check his website that it doesn't display it's usual contents anymore.
    Teen attack US websites and dropping a mesaage
    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani meets with the family of Qasem Soleimani Photo by Iranian Presidency / Handout/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

    Phil Openshaw websites which he runs to help people, as its gives an annual report of free dental service in Uganda was attacked by Iranian Teen, defacing the website with this message.
    Down with America
    It's also displayed a picture of the recently assassinated Iranian General  Qaseem Soleimani having the above message.

    The website which was hacked is www.ldsafricasmiles.com/, which have been suspended, when he was told his website no longer display it's contents he replied, "I can't really respond to that now, I would have a look at it.

    Iran and US have been in Conflict due to the assassination of the Iranian General Qaseem Soleimani , who was assassinated on January 3rd, and also Iran retaliating by sending an Airstrike to US base located in Iraq, though no US military were Injured or killed, following an allegedly new strike done against Ukraine air flight  , US had alledged Iran of sending an Air Strike that it could have destroyed the plane killing about 150 passengers on-board, though Investigation still on-going about what really happened.

    The attack which was done by a Teen allegedly 19 years Old Iranian Teen. Iran Teen (script kiddies ) had been attacking small websites that haven't been "patched" owned by small businesses or individual, since they could easily hack into websites defacing them with different messages.
    Defaced page hacked by Iran Teen
    Defaced page hacked by Iran Teen

    The attacker who left a message on the website is named "Mr Behzad" he claims to be 19 year old, ( It's impossible to verify who he actually was since he only left his Telegram handle on the website he defaced.)
    "I do not work for the Government. I work for my home country of Iran".
    He defaced the website with those message, according to a report published, "He said he learnt how to hack websites through programming and coding. Also said;
    "We want to know if they harm our people or our country, we will not fail.

    Another attack which was deployed by a 23 year-old Iranian Hacker who is by name "Ebrahim Vaker" was actually the biggest attack done so far, he hacked into the University of Baltimore Maryland website , defacing it with a "pro Iranian message", as said it is very difficult to know the target since he only left his telegram handle on defaced website.

    The US had warned that Iran would launch a Cyber attack name "wiper", as it done that before. Iran is likely going to Upgrade "wiper" and launch that against the US and that's a very deadly attack.

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