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    Computer architecture and Computer Organization

    Computer Architecture

    Computer Architecture is the process whereby hardware and software interact together to create a computer system. 

    Computer architecture can be referred to has the foundation of the computer, when we hear the word architecture, building comes into our mind. Computer architecture makes it possible for us to create applications on systems, as we have known its involves a process of interacting between the hardware and software on the computer, this enable us to create computer meaningful programs. 

    Computer is very important to us, everyday  new programs are created for the use of people and this also enable ease of task,  usually for anybody to build a house, we always require solid planning i.e (foundation, blocks, carpentry works, painting e.t.c.).

    We can think of computer architecture as a sequence we follow to create programs, this is often called “algorithm”, we all know algorithm are sequence of steps to follow, we can easily call this to our understanding as “algorithm of computer programs”.

    Computer Architecture is actually categorized into three parts.

    System design: System design deals with all the hardware that is used by the computer, these includes the designs in CPU, Data processors, microprocessors, memory controllers and direct memory access, these can be easily summarized as the computer system.

    Instruction Set architecture: This is the part that makes the computer run i.e its windows, coreldraw or any application, this function includes the CPUs capabilities, its programming language, also includes its processor registers and how it works Including programs that makes the computer work.

    Microarchitecture: This part covers the data processing and storage element of the computer, it covers how they should work and how we can implement them in instruction set of architecture. This also might include DVD storage devices or similar devices.
    We should note part works together to be able to function, from the start of this article we defined computer architecture as interaction between the hardware and software.

    Computer Organization

    Computer Organization is concerned with the structure and behaviour of a computer system as seen by the user.
    Computer Organization tells us how exactly all units are arranged and interconnected.
    Below is comparison of Computer Architecture and Computer Organization.


    • Computer Organization is concerned with how the hardware and software in a computer system interacts to create programs.
    • Computer Organization is with the structure and behaviour of a computer system as seen by the user.

    • Computer architecture helps us to understand the functions or functionality of how the computer works.
    • Computer organization makes us know how these components are arranged and interconnected.

    • Computer architecture can be seen to programmers as instruction dressing modes and registers.
    • Computer organization expresses the realization of architecture,

    • Computer Architecture involves Logic (Instruction sets, data types, Cache optimization and Addressing modes)
    • Computer organization involves Physical components I.e (adders, signals, circuit design, peripherals

    • Computer Architecture act as the interface between hardware and software
    • Computer organization deals with connection components in a system.