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    Best Cybersecurity salaries 2020 for various fields

    Cybersecurity 2020 Salary

    Cyber-Security 2020 updated salary

    This article covers 2020 Cybersecurity salaries. We have grouped the salaries for various careers in cybersecurity. The salaries given for various cybersecurity careers was published according to a 2020 survey by cyber experts.

    A complete 2020 analysis has been put together to give Cyber Security salary for various fields.

    Cybersecurity as a Good Career

    Cyber Security is one of the most paid IT professionals in the 21st century, as the rise in computer crime/threats increases, the demand for Cyber Security IT professionals are needed.

    According to a report, it is stated Cyber Security has 0% unemployment rate and has at 2016 about 500,000+ Cyber Security professionals are needed. 

    It is predicted in 2020 about a Million Cybersecurity IT professionals would be needed Globally. Cybersecurity has been a crucial sector of IT, as it has been looking out to protect its users (in Cyberspace) according to a report, about 11,000 Viruses are created everyday and this serves as a huge threat in cyber world, cybersecurity helps detect this attacks, by employing several cyber skills

    Cybersecurity has been the sector that protects the cyberworld and also help detect Malwares before they destroy our files.


    According to an online survey carried on 2020 Cybersecurity salaries, about 1500 respondents contributed to the survey and was able to pull out with the new Cyber Security salary, each department having a specified bonus, different criteria were put in place to arrive at this.

    The survey enabled the corespondent to make a detailed salary profile for Five security Positions, which includes:

    • Security/Cloud Security Architect 
    • Security Analyst /Threat Intelligence Expert 
    • Penetration Testers 
    • Security Directors /Managers 
    • Network Security Engineer 
      Cyber-Security-2020-Salary security analyst

      Security Analyst/ Threat Intelligence Expert: Security analysts are tasked with various levels of alert triage, response and proactive threat hunting, often employing threat intelligence in the course of their operations.  

      Security analysts are placed on the front lines and are a basic necessity for any organization.

      Penetration Tester: Penetration testers are engaged in proactive testing of the organization’s defenses, employing a vast array of ethical hacking techniques. 

      While traditionally found at MSSPs and other service providers, an increasing several organizations prefer to have their in-house pen-testing workforce.

      Network Security Engineer: Networking security is perhaps the oldest of the security-related positions and is tasked with maintaining the north-south and east-west network defenses through configuration and operation of the firewall, IDS/IPS and other network security measures.

      Security/Cloud Architect: The security architect is the technical authority behind the decision making of the organization’s security stack and acts as a subject matter expert in all aspects of purchase, deployment, and maintenance of the various security products within.

      Security Director/Manager: The security director is tasked with the orchestration of the entire security team, recruitment, setting procedures and workflow and acting as the connecting link between security operations and the organization’s 

      • Geolocation Matters: Security Analysts in NAM get a considerably higher wage than their counterparts within the EMEA and APAC, with over eightieth earning between 71K and 110K, in distinction to but thirty-fifth in EMEA and twenty-first in APAC. 

      • A degree doesn’t guarantee a higher salary in Cyber Security. All analyzed positions feature an identical wage vary as to its distribution for each staff.

      • Banking and Finance lead with payment vary and distribution for each management and individual contribution positions. 

      • Quality beats expertise. Surprisingly, across all analyzed positions, we tend to found each people with very little expertise at the highest of the payment curve and seasoned veterans at its bottom. 

      • Pivoting pays. people that pivoted from associate degree IT position to a cybersecurity position earn over their peers that started in cybersecurity. Bonuses are common to follow, except for security analysts, all different positions embody periodic bonuses with annual 1%-10% because of the leading pattern. 

      • Women are arduous to seek out. there's a big shortage of ladies in security positions. the very best share is within the 20-29 people with 6 June 1944 in overall positions. 

      • Women in management. inside the 5 analyzed positions, the very best share of ladies was found within the security director/manager position at 100 percent.

      This profile includes ranges as it varies in each composition of salaries for the listed positions, furthermore because the relative impacts of structure (geolocation, industry, etc.) and individual (gender, experience, certification) factors are considered. 

      Some previous assumptions relating to the relative weight of things like geolocation, certification, and others. Here is associate degree assortment of attention-grabbing facts: 

      Download a copy of the Survey made for 2020 Cyber Security IT professionals so you can know the salary your field is getting.

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