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    Goodix have revealed Mass Production of LCD under-display would be Produced in 2020

    Goodix have revealed,  that mass production of LCD optical scanner fingerprint WOULD be muchly produced in 2020.
    Fingerprint scanners  has really improved over the past years in smartphones  ,fingerprints which was initially limited to some devices (smartphones) which would now be available in a new style (LCD fingerprint), practically every smartphones that would be produced should have a fingerprint. The technolgy behind sensor has changed and improved since new features and security professionals have being able to update it with the needful security. This under-display/in-display fingerprints sensors were only found on some mobile devices in 2019, but would be available in slot of devices produced in this year, The initial mode of fingerprint was expensive due to it thinness which allows passage of light through them easily,  also caused the increase in cost of smart phones,  thus restricting technology to mid-range to solve this, technology would now support the use of fingerprint under-display.

    To solve this, LCDs would now support the fingerprint scanners which is in progress to eradicate the initial form of fingerprint, this would also reduce the cost of tech devices to be made, very affordable. Goodix has said "mass production of fingerprints scanners for LCDs would be produced this year.

    Goodix Technology, is a Chinese technology company that manufactures fingerprint scanner devices to smartphones, laptops, computers and more. Their fingerprint scanners are seen in side-mounted implementations found on Samsung Fold 2, Huawei Nova 6 5G, Honor V30 Pro, and Redmi K30 5G; while their optical under-display implementations are found on devices like the OnePlus 7 series, OPPO Reno3, Huawei Mate 30, and more. In a press held by the company regarding the success achieved in the previous years and what it has in the future, Goodix Technology’s CEO, Mr. Zhang Fan notes that the company will achieve mass production of its optical in-display fingerprint solution for LCDs.

    "In the fields of fingerprint authentication and touch controllers: We will continue to supply 5G mobile devices with advancing biometric authentication solutions as we expand applications of ultra-thin optical in-display fingerprint sensor, and achieve mass production of our optical in-display fingerprint solution for LCD display. In the meanwhile, we will also be expecting the commercialization of a new generation On-Cell touch control solution supporting flexible OLED display. "

    We should be expecting mass production of LCDs display with under-display optical fingerprint which would also see to lowering the cost of gadgets which should take more effect during the second half of the year. Mr. Fan also talks about the commercialization of On-Cell solutions for flexible OLED displays, and we hope to learn more about this in the near future.

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