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    Latest way to Recover hacked Facebook


    This is the latest way to recover an hacked facebook account. This method have been tested and trusted by facebook users.

    Facebook is one of the most used applications in the world, people employ facebook for lot of things, it serves as a revenue to help people relieve from boredom. Some others, also employ facebook for their business.

    Facebook has really helped a lot;

    • In business advertisement 
    • In communication. 
    • And fun

    Hackers over the years have been trying to exploit different possible means to hack peoples facebook account. 

    Well, to make you understand, almost everyone who want to learn Hacking always look out for, "How to Hack Facebook Account". You can look this up on Google and you find tons of "junk" videos for this. 

    Hackers have coined different possible means to hack people's facebook accounts, mostly script kiddies employ different techniques to exploit their attack on people. 

    Most attacks are initiated by script kiddies, they might be doing this to have "Revenge " or just to get fame from people. Well, they might be different reasons why they hack your facebook.

    Some ways which includes guessing of Victims facebook password, trying target phone number as password, eaves dropping and the most effective part Social engineering and Phishing attack.

    Latest way to recover Hacked Facebook. 

    Before we can get into this, I want you to know how you can prevent these attacks.

    How to recover hacked facebook account

    Firstly it's important to understand the risk using the computer,  why do people hack you easily?  You were only chatting with someone you know and your account got hacked.

    If you had follow my previous articles then you should be safe 75% from people hacking your facebook account.

    Why my Facebook account was hacked. 

    This arises in different ways , one of the ways includes;
    1. Phishing attacks
    2. Using Third party apps
    3. Infected with Malwares. 
    4. Brute force attack 
    5. Botnet or compromising a device to gain access to it. 

    One of the most effective way  people hack into your facebook account is the Phishing attack, Phishing attack allows attackers to send you crafted malicious links that are vulnerable to you.

    Mostly, you find them on facebook everyday, but you might be so careless to click on them, immediately you click on them your Facebook password would be sent to the hacker.



    HOW TO RECOVER A HACKED Facebook Account, follow these steps below.

    Step1: Get your facebook friend who can login into his own account for you using a browser. Once he logs in, then he should search for your name on the Facebook search box or under his friends list.

    Once he finds your name,he should select it to view your account page.

    Once your account is displayed, beside where you have your profile picture, your Timeline and About tab. Click or select the About tab.

    Now go to your browser address bar and you will see your profile address in the address bar.

    Towards the end of the website address you see before the last % (percentage symbol) you will see a 15 digit ID code. Copy the 15 digits code only from the address.

    Now you are done with step1 and get the code from your friend if you are not with him and keep it for step 2 .

    Step2 : Make sure this step is carried out on a system or phone you have been using to login into Facebook before.

    Now visit Facebook web address and try to login using only that your 15 digits ID from step 1. This time you don't have to put any password.

    Simply add the 15 digits ID where you normally put your email or phone number and click login.
    It will open a fresh page showing your picture, asking you to login as your name demanding your password.

    This time don't add any password, simply click on "forgotten account"
    This will display another page asking you to select your phone number or email as a means to receive verification code.

    Instead of clicking on continue, select "no longer have access to these?" at the bottom left of the screen in the same line where you see continue.

    Step3: A page will appear where you will add a new email address. Fill the form and click continue.

    Step4: Then a page will appear where you select the country where your ID was issued. Click continue and a form will appear, fill in the details as required.

    Where they asked for your timeline or profile url, in order to get it, go back to the same steps you used in step1.

    This time instead of selecting "About", you will have to select "Timeline".

    Go to the browser address bar as you did above and copy the address from the beginning till you get to the second forward slash (/) symbol before timeline.

    Paste it inside the form where they asked for URL.

    Then upload a valid ID card and then click send.

    You are done, it will take 24hours and Facebook will send you a password reset to the email address you added newly during the process.

    Click the link from the email and create your New password.
    Now your account is back... (You can also use the link Facebook to recover it for mild cases)

    Note: I won't guaranty you a 100%, but you can try it and it might work for you . 

    If you have anything or a question, leave a comment below and also follow our Twitter pageWhatsApp groupTelegram channelFacebook for updates.

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