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    How to stop WhatsApp from Crashing

    How to stop my WhatsApp from Crashing

    Does your WhatsApp crash? Do you think these are virus,  or your phone is infected by a bug? Don't panic,  just read this post .

    Sometimes you try to access your WhatsApp and it gives a crashing (pop up)  i.e
    "Restore your  chat history
    Something went wrong with your chat history.
    Dont worry you can restore your chat history from backup, if you don't restore now,  you won't be able to restore later."

     Don't worry,  almost everyone can face this issue.
    Your whatsapp crashing could have been due to some internal reasons which deals with its memory and it's very crucial to loose data when you dont have any backup for it.

    Why people don't like there WhatsApp crashing 

    In the following sections I would guide you on how you can stop WhatsApp from crashing and also, (if it's happens how can you stop not loosing your files).

    A lot of people uses WhatsApp for important things most of which includes; business, talking to clients, sharing important files i.e PDF documents, getting informations etc.

    Most people wouldnt love to have their WhatsApp crashed because if they do, they would loose a lot of files which might be hard to retrieve,  either from clients or from senders.

    Why do my WhatsApp Crash? 

    We should note that most times our WhatsApp crash this might not be a vulnerabilities against WhatsApp,  the reasons for this could be allocated to memory issues or might be due to conflict we have on our device i.e (Internal Storage) .

    Most devices have low internal storage, the internal storage is the only place WhatsApp would store it files as it doesn't accept storing its files on external storages.

    I would guild you on how you can recover stop loosing whatsapp file due to low storage capacity.

    How do we resolve low storage issues when we have a WhatsApp crash message? usually, you would get a Pop up on your WhatsApp

    "WhatsApp stopped working, clear history " o

    you see your WhatsApp opening and closing, it could as well give you a message like.

        "Restore your WhatsApp history ".

    Please don't clear when it asks you to clear. follow the steps when you get a Pop up like that.

    Steps to stop WhatsApp from Crashing. 

    • You should get a Pop up like this to let you know your WhatsApp history is about to be cleared. 
    Whatsapp crash
    WhatsApp Pop up 
    • Quickly minimize your WhatsApp.

    • Clear all minimized app on your phone to free its RAM.

    • At the top of your phone you should see notification showing insufficient space. 

    • You would see two options click on clean thrash.
    Click clean thrash 

    • Now when you directed to your storage, 
    Locate cached data 

    Clear cached data 
    Locate cached data and clear the cache data.

    • Don't Open the WhatsApp yet, now clear all your minimized App (your WhatsApp to be specific).  
    Space is freed 
    • Once that is done, Re -open the WhatsApp and you are good to go. 

    • If you still get the Pop up Mesaage don't feel discouraged , it's not a bug or something, kindly restart your phone and it would work perfectly.  

    • Also note,  most times you can free up more spaces when you visit your: File manager-->Locate Thumbnails  and delete the folder, make sure you activate see invisible folders, this would enable you to see your thumbnails.

    Safety Tips. 

    It is always recommended to have a backup of your WhatsApp regularly,  if you feel your files are very important to you,  kindly have a backup of it just in case.

    This also applies to all other of your apps, it's advisable to have backup of your files so even it occurs  or you had a crash, Virus or WhatsApp bug experienced , you would still be on a safer side for having a backup .

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