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    New Attack that can steal file on Mozilla Firefox

    New Attack on Mozilla Firefox that can steal your Data

    Are you are using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser on your Windows, Mac or Linux system? then you have to read this.
    Update Mozzila to prevent Attacks

    Firstly, if you have Mozilla Firefox installed on your computer , and you are using an old version, kindly install the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. 

    Mozilla earlier today had released a latest version of Firefox 72.0.1 and Firefox ESR 68.4.1 versions respectively, this is as a result of a new vulnerability found on the previous versions of Mozilla Firefox browsers, it is recommended to visit Mozilla Firefox website to update your app. 

    The patch which was updated due to a critical  zero-day vulnerability is being exploited by some anonymous hackers in the wild. 

    This vulnerability which is tracked as 'CVE-2019-17026', is a malicious "type confusion vulnerability that resides in the IonMonkey just-in-time(JIT) compiler of Mozilla's Javascript engine (SpiderMonkey).

    A type confusion vulnerability happens when codes isn't able to verify what objects it being passed to and it's blindly uses it without scanning it's type or making core research, this allows and attacker to crash the targeted application and enable them to achieve code execution.
    Hacking Mozzila Firefox

    Mozzila didn't reveal more details about the vulnerability as they only said "incorrect alias information in IonMonkey JIT compiler for setting array elements could lead to type confusion."

    This actually means,  the issue with the vulnerable Javascript engine can be manipulated or easily exploited by a remote attacker just by tricking the user into a malicious or crafted web page to execute codes on the system within the context of application.

    This vulneribility was discovered and reported to Mozzila by  a CyberSecurity researchers at Qihoo 360 ATA, they haven't really given any updates regarding there findings.

    Albeit Firefox, normally installs updates whenever they are available and they also activate a new version after a restart, you can install the app manually by using the built-in functionality.
    Navigate to 

    Menu > Help > About Mozilla Firefox

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