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    What are Third Party apps and what they do.

    Whats are Third-party apps?

    Firstly, it is recommended to know what Third-Party apps are? Third-Party Apps are apps that are been modified by programmers or developers other than there vendor.  Originally, they actually dont have access to the app but they get it source code and modify the app.
    its also an App that have been modified to fit-in the taste of the developers that remodifed them. Third-Party apps are copied source code apps which are later modified, when these apps are been modified, they tend to divert the access control to there server.

    As we know everyday developers release approximately 11,000 apps , this made the increase and rise in Security flaws which are mostly exploited by hackers to bring down companies or organizations, One of these malicious act potrayed is the making of Third-Party apps.

    What are examples of Third-Party Apps?

    Since we all know varities of apps are out, the most targetted apps are the famous ones like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkdin and more, hackers exploit mostly this apps and modify them to there taste, modifying an app to your taste could be in another form which would be explained as we go further. Most focused Third-Party apps we have today are done on WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter since these apps remain most used apps in the world. Unlike Facebook, we should note that Facebook Third-Party apps is negligible compared to WhatsApp and Instagram Third Party apps, Why?, because Facebook run mostly as a website based program, since website are not Applications, this is why Facebook is not targetted to that extent as compared to whatsApp, by saying developers, we have diffrent types of developers, some developers who tend to modify app content could be an hacker.

    Do you Think Facebook dont have Third- Party Apps?

    Yea, Facebook third-party apps exist, as of the previous paragraph, I tried to explain how lessly comparing of developers making Third-Party apps as analyzed with modified apps like WhatsApp. Facebook also have third party apps but not as compared to others, Since facebook had created Messenger, App developers exploit this apps, while hackers exploit websites, so facebook can be hacked and also there app can be modified, since Third-Party apps as it's name applies are those apps developers remodify their source code.

    How are Source Code gotten ?

    Since vendors have to release there apps and people download them, it's very easy to view the source codes of the application,  we have malicious tools than can help us get source code of programs,  this is why it's easier for them to have source code remodified.

    Examples of Third Party Apps

  • GB WhatsApp

  • OGWhatsApp

  • WhatsApp Indigo

  • FMWhatsApp

  • GB Instagram

  • Why are Third Party Apps Created?

    I wont have to beat arround the bush about this, as explained ealier, Third-Party apps are modified apps, since these are modified apps, this apps can be made to spy on our contents. even though WhatsApp,Google, Twitter and every of these applications monitor what we do. Third Party apps are created for main purpose to satisfy the developers need, as need implies here, we could mean a developer who created the app to extort files from the users, since we dont know why these apps are created they are mostly created for a specific purpose to get files freely and these files are sold.

    What are the Features of Third-Party Apps?

    Features of Third-party apps includes;

  • Maximum access to using some tools.

  • Addition of some tools to files

  • Not restricted towards some features.

  • Abilty to view deleted messeages.

  • Ability to see files the way you always wanted.

  • What happens when I use Third-Party Apps?

    It always joyful to have access to restrictted content, maybe you dont understand just yet, chill! lets proceed, when we browse the Internet we are always happy at the features when we use Third-Party apps because it gives us access to restrictted content, for instance a deleted message on WhatsApp being viewed easily by a Third-Party user, Yes, we love that feature and we feel we have access to things, the breaking news is, "The more bossy you feel, the more files you lost to this Third-party apps developers i.e, These apps are molded with some features that could divert your data from the main app developer to them, hence making them having access to your data for free. That's bad. This implies using Third-Party apps are not safe, as your legal rights is being violated without your consent.

    What Third-Party Apps do to us.

  • Data Intrusion: This is an act that enables hackers have access to your data.

  • Spayware Installation: This involves hackers using a tool called spyware, what this does is spy on you.

  • Data diddling: Hackers are able to get full access to your device, since you had given permissision to the Third-party app hackers can use this against you, i.e subdue your data.

  • Malware: A Third-party user is prone to hacking, since this is possible newly made virus or malwares can be easily tasted on users, by developers

  • Access to banking details, also abilty to modify a users app.

  • In conclusion, a Third-party app is malicous and since it would cause harm, i strongly recommend not using them, we all know WhatsApp made a recent patch and leveraged the use of Third-party apps by users.

    Using Third party apps a crime? 

    Firstly we should note this as a malicious act, as we tend to invade the privacy of these apps owners and users . It's possible to make people lost hope in the company when data are lost or stolen by hackers.

    Can App Owners stop Third-party apps?

    Third-party apps cannot be stopped by any physical means, since hacking cannot be stopped, hackers and some malicious developers tends to continue intrudging the privacy of users by creating of these apps. Third party developers would continue finding patch for these programs

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