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    What is Cloud Computing and examples?

    What is Cloud Computing?

    According to Oxford  it defines Cloud computing as;

    The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. 
    I see this definition as "a bit" lacking.

    Cloud computing is a system of Networks that's uses remote servers hosted on the internet  by helping storing, manage , transfer  and process data, for the use of people.
    Cloud Computing makes it easier to access data anywhere in the world. 

     Cloud computing makes it easier for us to manage our network, we can access our files easily and safely on Cloud computing remote servers, it also give us the ability to store large informations.

    Cloud computing is quite a useful system of "Network" and as its holds, it can be termed as one of the huge advancement in technology, since it can help manage data,  process data and store data. Perhaps you might still be confused what cloud computing is?  Don't worry I have given a good explanation of what Cloud Computing  is,  just read a few lines more.
    Cloud computing as it name implied can be mistaken by people, "people often " see it has a "system of network meant to store only data" , this is not quite true, as Cloud computing is used for useful things like processing of data, managing data and storing data. Let's explain "bit by bit".

    Cloud Computing Basic

    This section explains what cloud computing  is and what it does.
    Cloud computing is employed in so many organizations it is used by companies, large organization(s) , co-operate companies, gaming companies, data base and lots more.
    Why do companies use Cloud computing? since we all know cloud computing stores Data, process data and help manage data, Companies rather uses Cloud computing because it saves time, help manage data easily, deliver data to customers in minutes, works globally, easy to access and easy to modify. Rather than using local network servers which consumes space, requires time to manage,  cost quite alot of money, can be easily hacked and requires experts.
    • Manage Data :Cloud computing makes it easier for organizations to manage data. This is easily done rather than using local network servers which are prone to hacking "quite easily". Organization find it quite easily to manage there data,  that's why cloud computing is used. Large data can be manged easily by organization in a "glimpse" of minutes.
    • Process of Data : One of the usefulness of Cloud computing is it's ability to Process Data quite "easily". Processing of Data is one important factor in any Business organization in the world, some companies requires there data to be processed and delivered to there customers in faster rate,  this is why Cloud computing is used for that, it can be used to process large data in a little time and delivered globally in minutes. Companies like FIFA, PUBG and online gaming Companies uses Cloud computing, since it helps deliver data to there users in minutes. 
    • Storing Data: This is considered one of the most useful part of Cloud Computing,  we can store large data in Cloud computing, it has quite alot of space to accompany our "Data" or files. Many companies uses Cloud computing system to store there data, since using a local network takes time to process, requires experts and cosumes space for devices. We all know of Apple which also employ the use of Cloud Computing.

    Advantages of Cloud Computing 

    Cloud computing has it advantages as follows:
    • Ability to process huge data in a glimpse of minutes.
    • Can be used to process data "Globally" to users 
    • Can be easily modified.
    • Doesn't cosume space. 
    • Can be managed from anywhere. 
    • Reduce the cost of space. 
    • Can be used to store large data 
    • Data can be managed easily .
    • Doesn't require much expert to manage .
    • Can be used by different companies. 
    • Data cannot be lost ( you really don't need a backup). 
    Since we have known the Advantages of Cloud Computing, let's talk about Disadvantages. 

    Disadvantages of Cloud Computing 

    I really wouldn't recommend you put disadvantages of Cloud computing to "heart" because the owner(s) of Cloud Computing (Amazon) tend to modify and patch any Security Flaws found. 
    • Cloud computing can be hacked. ( everything is prone to hacking ").
    • Faces challenges due to network issues .
    • Requires network to work .
    • Faces serious migration issues .
    • Runs on remote servers.

    Is it safe to use Cloud Computing Network?

    Yes,  it's safe! We can use Cloud Computing networks and access our files,  we actually do not require backups for this files. 
    The most safest place to store our files is on Internet. But hackers can still gain access to our Data easily if we don't use Strong Passwords and "Multi-factor" authentication system to prevent Botnet  and Virus .

    Companies that provide Cloud Computing  network ?

    • Amazon is one the Companies that offers Cloud Computing system.
    • Google gmail is also an example of Companies that provides Cloud Computing network.
    • Azure Microsoft also provides Cloud Computing system to users.

    That's why it's easier to store large files on Networks.

    Companies that employ the use of Cloud Computing. 

    • Gaming companies (FIFA, PES, PUBG, and lots more) 
    • Chatting applications( WhatsApp,  Twitter, Instagram , Facebook )
    • Database companies (Financial Institutions)
    • Banking Companies .

    I hope I have explained about Cloud computing If you have any Questions,  "Kindly drop" in the Comments box below . In my next article I would talk more about Cloud Computing.

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