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    How to Unblock yourself if someone blocks you on WhatsApp

    How to Unblock yourself if someone blocks you on WhatsApp

    How to Unblock Yourself from Someone WhatsApp if blocked 

    Were you blocked on WhatsApp? Do you want to learn a trick on how you can unblock yourself? This is the right article for you.

    Dont get weary, read through;

    WhatsApp is one of the most used app in the world, having more than a billion users globally, after facebook it is said to be the most used application in the world. WhatsApp has quite good features that suit its users, i.e some of its features includes::

    • Viewing status. 
    • Deleting confidential messages before being read by a user. 
    • Uploading of pictures. 
    • Receiving Files, documents, pictures, videos and zipped apps. 
    • Also a cool feature called the blocking feature.

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    Why people block you on WhatsApp? 

    People block you on WhatsApp for reason best known to you, although this might also go the other way when in a situation whereby you got scammed or close or another reason for whatsApp blocking might be intruding a user privacy, WhatsApp privacy is really important, everyone would also love having their privacy.


    What if I got scammed and someone blocked me? Or what if something serious occurs what do I do to get unblocked on WhatsApp? don't get weary read through this article then you'd see how you can unblock yourself if blocked by someone on WhatsApp.

    How to Unblock yourself if someone block you on WhatsApp

    Have you ever been blocked on WhatsApp and wondering how to unblock yourself? Here is how.

    • Write down the number that blocked you on WhatsApp and delete the number from your phone.
    • Save your WhatsApp chat by backing up to Google drive, i. e click on the option and you'd see backup. 
    Open WhatsApp > Menu > Settings >Chat >Backup   
    • Select the Google account you want to save your chat history. No Google account, click add. Add the new Google account. Backup your conversation Using cellular data, it can consume your data.
    • Delete your WhatsApp account WhatsApp> Account settings> Delete 
    Note: After deleting your WhatsApp account, you are no longer active on the App. Hence, whoever blocks you will no longer have you on their block list.
    •  Clear WhatsApp data 
    Phone settings>app>WhatsApp>clear data.

    • Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp, Reactivate WhatsApp. This time, you are registering for the first time again.
    •  Restore chat Ensure to add the account you used in backing up your conversation to your phone. Restore your messages and media from Google drive.
    • Add the contact you wrote down and save it to your phone.
    • Look for the person who blocked you on WhatsApp and message him or her.