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  • Cybersecurity

    What is Cybersecurity

    What is Cybersecurity

    What is Cybersecurity 

    Have you ever thought about studying Cyber security as a career? maybe you are confused on what career to go with in cyber security, well here is a complete guide on cyber security.

    At the end of this article you should be able to know what Cyber security is, its application and careers. 

    • Cyber security explained.
    • A complete guide to cyber security.
    • careers in cyber security.
    • Types of Cyber Threats 
    • Preventive measures
    • Conclusion

    What is Cyber Security?

    Cybersecurity or Computer Security is a branch in the Computer field that deals with the protection of data, systems/networks from cyberattacks.  

    Cyberattacks are vulnerable exploit targeted towards a system to Subdue, in trudge, intercept data, this can be in the form of different ways, which include imposing Ransomware, virus attacks, Trojan horse and malware attacks.

    Computer Security has played a major key role in the computer field by helping to curb out this vulnerable exploit when done by attackers. 

    It is very common these days to see people get hacked due to the global world, everyone uses the Internet but who stand to get culprits who steal, destroy or subdue our Data(s)? These are Cyber Security experts.


    Cybersecurity has different fields, each having a specialized field of study. Going through this article can help you map out your preferred or chosen cybersecurity field of study.


    As I have mentioned above Cybersecurity is categorized into different fields.

    1. Cyber Analyst: Cyber Analyst is a branch in the cybersecurity field that specializes in protecting networks, data from cyberattacks This is done by employing some useful techniques to stop attackers from gaining access to a Computer System.

    What is Cyber analyst and salary

      A Cyber analyst is also associated with programming techniques, there are responsible for detecting Virus signatures and as well looking for patches for these attacks. Cyber Analysts can work anywhere i.e. Cyber Analysts can work as consultants also working as advisory to clients, Cyber Analysts can work in offices or Security organizations. A Cyber Analyst receives an annual salary of range between $75000- $85,000.

      1. Cyber Forensics: Cyber Forensics is a branch in the Cybersecurity field that deals with the gathering of evidence or techniques and analysis required to carry out investigations, particularly computing devices in a way evidence found are suitable to the court.

      Cyber Forensics is a cool field in Cyber Security since it deals with IQ and how smart an individual is to solve cases in the cyber field. Cyber forensics has played a very good role in Cyber Security, gathering of evidence, also trying to compare and contrast to find useful information regarding a cybersecurity case.


      Cyber forensic personal can work anywhere, mostly cyber forensics are Security Agencies, examples include State CIDs, Detectives and lots. Cyber forensics can work in Offices, Security Organizations, Secret Security Organizations and lots more. If you are good with analysis and you always find your way with cases, then Cyber Forensic is a cool field you should look into. Cyber Forensics Annual Salary is within the range of $100,000 - $120,000.

      1. Penetration Tester: Penetration Tester is a person who runs security check-up on a network, system or website to scan or find vulnerabilities in that system. More often a penetration tester is also a good career you can build on with. Penetration testing is associated with using techniques to find vulnerabilities.

      Anyway, penetration tester is also an essential part of cybersecurity, for a vulnerability to be detected a proper scan through the network needs to be done to see for hiccups or bugs that can exploit loopholes for these flaws. Some hackers tend to hack into their target and create back holes for access another time, it is the duty of a Penetration Tester to find these holes and report them to the Organization they are working for.

      Penetration tester

      If you find your way with detecting easily faults in websites, then I think you should start up a career with Penetration tester. A Penetration Tester receives an annual salary of between $35,000- $45,000.

      1. Security Architect: Security Architect is a branch in Cybersecurity field that deals with the designs and how software or approach of solving cyberattacks problems, they often think like hackers and try to solve problems immediately they find it, they also try to disallow unauthorized access to a computer.  A Security Architect is more like a hacker who sees to Security issues just immediately they get any illegal signal from attackers. 
      Who is a Security Architect?

      If you are good at detecting Security Issues and you can quickly make a move to patch for vulnerabilities, then it’s advisable to have a look at Security Architect. A Security Architect receives an annual salary of $100,450- $120,000

      5. Security Systems Administrator: This is a branch of Cyber Security that handles all aspects of security, thereby employing different approaches to protect virtual data and useful information of a company. Security administrators are responsible for the Security of Desktop, mobile and Networks in an organization also they are responsible for administering, making installation or troubleshooting an organization's security. 

      system security administrator

      When a Company is faced with issues i.e. an error in database or hiccups in a signal connection security systems administrators have to find solutions for these security problems or bugs.

       Security Systems Administrators should be a smart individual that can handle situations under pressure. You should know by now if you are favored in this field.
      A Security Systems Administrator receives an Annual Salary of $85,000 - $100,000.

            6. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO): Is the highest Security Official in Cyber Security that heads a Security Organization, thereby employing is master skills to guide and establish enterprise vision, also introduce strategies that can be used to tackle security issues.

      Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

      A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is the highest position to be attained in Cyber Security as a Career, it takes a lot to become a CISO, starting from the cradle as a Penetration tester and proceeding to gain the required experience to maintain the Security in an Organization.

       A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) receives an annual salary of $200,000- $300, 000. Anyway this might be higher depending on the organizations you are working for.

      Common Cyber Threats

      Common Cyber Threats are dangers we face while using the Internet or Cyberspace, these threats make the cyber world looks more vulnerable. As the world go global the rise in cyber threat is increasing over the years, according to a report published by RiskBased Security, it shows that a shocking 7.9 billion data have been exposed and would increase overtime to 8.9 billion.

      Types of Cyber Threats
      • Cybercrime: Cybercrime are crimes that are committed within Cyberspace, it can be done in different ways which includes;

      • Malware attack: Malware attack is a vulnerable attack that can be exploited to perform malicious act on a software or a system, malware attacks includes, virus attack, Trojan, spywares, worms
      type of computer malware

      • Computer Virus: A virus attack is a malicious attack targeted towards a system to subdue, destroy or your system. These attack usually requires the intervention of a Third-party before it can occur. Virus attacks are of different types we have the Mellissa virus for example.

      what is computer virus attack

      • Trojan attackTrojan attack is a software that act like a good software but is designed to perform malicious act on a system. It got its name from The Trojan Horse. usually a type of Cyber threat.
      What is Trojan horse

      • Spyware: Spyware are software or codes that are meant to spy through a user, though the purpose of this is to steal files or subdue them, this is a type of Cyberattack that can be done quite easily, you just need to click on links or download a mobile app.
      what is spyware

      • Man-In-The-Middle: This a Cyberattack that is associated with a hacker intercepting a message and manipulating them before it gets to its destination. This kind of attack is usually done by hackers who can encrypt messages.

      Cybersecurity Preventive Measures.

      types of cybersecurity preventive tehniques

      • Scan links before you click them: One of the reasons why people fall for hackers is their inability not to identify Phishing links, you need to be careful with clicking of links.

      • Changing Passwords regularly: A very good preventive measures is changing of Passwords regularly, this enables hackers not to easily gain access to your information or data.

      • Regularly Updating of Softwares/Operating System: One good way to stop attack is by updating softwares regulalrly, this is very helpful. Every Operating System developer or Sofatwares alaways scan through there files to check for possible vulneribilities and have them Patched.

      • Using Two authenication: Using of two factor authentication is a very good way to stop hackers from gaining illegal access to your data, this prompt a double security check for the attacker, hence making the exploit to be hard.

      • Using Antivirus: Using of Antivirus is another good way of stopping hackers from gaining access to your system. Most people don't understand the need or use of Antivirus. Antivirus is a software that helps people detect illegal signatures that might be harmful to the computer. Not updating your antivirus is like not having an Antivirus.

      Types Of Hackers

      White-Hat hackers: White hat hackers are hackers that exploit vulneribilities in a system or gain access to a system to protect the system from attackers, mainly this are the good hackers who hack to secure/ protect.

      Grey-Hat hackers: Grey-hat hackers are hackers that are either good or bad, they hack mostly based on mood, or gain for something.

      Black-Hat hackers: Black-Hat hackers are always referred to as the perpetrators, they are the real culprits who hack to destroy or subdue files or data. These are the perpatrators and always doing things not to be detected.

      Script-Kiddies: These are kids, mostly that use other peoples software to carry out exploit. Statistic shows 80% of script kiddies are Teenengers.


      By now, you should have known what part of Cyber Security you want to study or choose as a career. Building up your career depends on you, sit yourself down and look in the careers listed above and ask yourself, “What am I good with? 

      For instance, I am good with Cyber Forensics, I should start reading books and building up my skills on cyber forensics, you might be good with Cyber Analyst or even you want to be the boss, go for it and start building up your career.

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