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    Google and Apple to create tracking API for COVID19 patient

    Google  and Apple are set to develop an interoperable app/software that will help you when you come accross an infected case with COVID-19. 

    Both companies have been working on this project and are expected to release and API that wouldbe integrated to other softwares or apps developers.

    The API works with built-in-sytem level platform which uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) for it tracing.  Both companies are working to release this API's soon, which would be available Next month arround Mid-May. 

    The API's are expected to be integrated to apps soon enough after its release. Though, 'Privacy transparency is given an 100% assurance. according to a blog both companies post.

    "We look forward to building this functionality in consultation with intrested stakeholders,".

    Apple also launched a new web page that gives the features of the API, and also explains on supported Bluetooth it works with, more information also includes the framework of the API, the tracing and cryptography specification.

    More Details on Location and Privacy

    DIfferent companies have created varities apps to track people on  enforced quarantine rules which majority employs real-time location tracking, to know an individual location. 

    The API's doesnt use Location tracking, it uses BLE becons to indentify if an individual have been with a confirmed case in the last 14 days. This gives a user personal privacy.

    How COVID-19 Google API's Works.

    Covid-19 Google and Apple API

    This is how the API works.

    • Alice and Bob meet and had a conversation, their phones exchange annonymous identifier keys. The identifiers rotate every 15 minutes and have no personally indentifiable information.

    • If one was diagonized for COVID-19 been positive, the infected patient is given the permission to enter his/her text result by directives from public health authorities to app which has the intergrated and aforementioned API.

    • The infected person is given a notification to upload his or her boraodcast beacons to the system.

    • The other person who has the second app would bee thereby, alerted if they seems to be any broadcast that matched the devices.
    • The app gives the person information on what to do next

    COVID-19 Google and Apple Tracking API

    Google and Apple tracking API for Developers

    The API also provides "transparency for developers, which is easy to operate including it Source code. Apple and Google's system is along the lines of TraceTogether, an app that is developed by Singapore goverment officials to enable contact tracing via Bluetooth.

    The app would use open source Bluetooth Relative Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) reading between devices to determine proximity.

    Privacy on COVID-19 API Surveillance

    The app provides users with autmost privacy options. It ask for permission of a user to upload its result on beacon by directive from public health. Although, Apple users are given control on how the app works.

    Cyber experts Bruce Schneier also said that any data collected must be scientifically justified and deemed necessary by Public health officials. He also added "Data collected should be discarded after the pandemic and not to be used by government officials against it users.

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