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    How to Secure/ Recover Facebook account

    How to Recover Facebook account without Phone number or Email

    how to recover facebook account without phone number

    Are you looking for a way to recover your hacked facebook even without no access to phone number or email? you are steps away from discovering how you can do that.

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    How to Recover Facebook Accounts

    What I am about to share is the latest trend on how you can secure and recover HACKED facebook, I have tried the steps below and it worked. 

    You want to learn how you can recover a hacked facebook account without Phone number or email? Please read this article till end to learn how you can recover hacked facebook account even without no email.

    How to Recover Facebook account without phone number or email

    Facebook hacking is one of the most exploited hacking in decades, even a lay man would love to exploit hacking someone's facebook account, well, you really don't need to worry anymore, facebook has imposed several hardened security measures we would be discussing how you can secure your facebook account in the article as you read through.

    Firstly, you should see this article as a guide and for much clarity, note that this a way to secure your facebook account, even without an access to facebook account or phone number for verification or email.

    How to Secure your facebook account

    Facebook have made securing of account easier, you can follow the steps below to, securing of your facebook account  and this can be done in several ways but the way I would be explaning is the Two-factor authentication.

     follow the steps and you would secure your facebook account from hackers, this helps you secure your account and also impose a double check to be sure someone trying to log in your account really has the access.

    Note: Two-factor authentication is a unique code generated by you sometimes, or an automated system like google authenticator, this would be explained better as you read through. Keep this code safe and never provide it to anyone, else you might give access to the hacker easily.

    The first step to achieving this is to secure your facebook. Follow the steps

    How to recover Facebook account without phone or email.

    • Step 1: Activate Two-factor authentication to active this, Open your facebook account and navigate to:
           Settings > Security and Logins > Use Two-factor authentication

    How to Recover Facebook account without phone number

    • Step 2: Click on Two-factor authentication and fill out the informations accordingly.

      How to Recover hacked facebook account without phone

      How to Recover hacked facebook account without phone or email

      • Step 3: Select Authentication app, a barcode appears beneath the barcode is a code, copy and proceed to Google Play store and download Google Authenticator, click  here to download.
      How to Recover hacked facebook account without phone
      • Step 4: Set-up the google authenticator app,  copy the code from facebook and paste the code to the app, once it is confirmed go back to your facebook app and you are done.

      • Step 5: Locate Recovery codes on facebook and click, you'd see about 7-8 digit codes please write this codes somewhere safe and never disclose the code to anyone.

      • You can disable authentication method and use Phone number verification .

      How to Recover your facebook without phone number

      If your facebook account was hacked eventually, you dont need to panick just follow the steps to recover your account.

      Remember the Recovery codes  you saved, find the recovery codes and go back to facebook.

      1. Insert your number or email on the username pane.
      2. Type any password or the previous password, click on Forget password.
      3. Type your number or email, it would display Recovery code sent insert recovery code.
      4. Get the Recovery codes from where you saved them (the one you stored when creating your authentication.
      5. Insert anyone of the recovery codes to the account, you would be given access to change your facebook password.
      6. Change your password and immediately sign out any logged account on your facebook.

      Note: The Recovery codes can only be used ones a time, please store them in a safer place.

      Preventive Measures:
      • Always make sure you keep password safe.
      • Never provide your any code sent to you to anyone, regardless of who they claim to be.
      • Make sure you impose the two- factor authencation in all platforms.
      • Be careful when inserting passwords people don't eavesdrop.
      • Make sure your password are not your phone number.
      • Make sure your password is Alpha-numeric, this would make it hard for hackers to guess your passoword.

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