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    Different Level Of The Web



    Level 0 – Common Web
    This level is the one you browse everyday: YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and other famous or easily accessible websites can be found here.
    Level 1 – Surface Web
    This level is still accessible through normal means, but contains “darker” websites, such as Reddit.
    Level 2 – Bergie Web
    This level is the last one normally accessible: all levels that follow this one have to be accessed with a proxy, Tor or by modifyig your hardware. In this level you can find some “underground” but still indexed websites, such as 4chan.
    Level 3 – Deep Web
    The first part of this level has to be accessed with a proxy. It contains CP, gore, hacking websites… Here begins the Deep Web. Second part of this level is only accessible through Tor, and contains more sensible information.
    Level 4 – Charter Web
    This level is also divided in two parts. The first can be accessed through Tor. Things such as drug and human trafficking, banned movies and books and black markets exist there. The second part can be accessed through a hardware modification: a “Closed Shell System”. Here, shit becomes serious. This part of the Charter Web contains hardcore CP, experimental hardware information (“Gadolinium Gallium Garnet Quantum Electronic Processors”…), but also darker information, such as the “Law of 13”, World War 2 experiments, and even the location of Atlantis.
    Level 5 – Marianas Web
    You’ll be lucky to find anyone who knows about it. Probably secret government documentation. The day you get here, you are officially no longer a faggot.
    Now before we go any further i would like to tell you that the above 5 layers exist though only a few people have managed to reach till level 5. The Marianas Web may sound like a myth but no its not, it exists. Now for the layers 6-8:
    Level 6
    Level 6 is an intermediary between the Marianas Web and the Level 7 also called as THE FOG/VIRUS SOUP.
    At this point you REALLY start getting attention you don't want. ie people come to kill you.
    over all people think that there are 8 layers in total. the last one being the Primarch System. you need quantum computing to get past the 6th layer. and this is where things get REALLY ****ed up.
    the 7th layer from what i know is where the big players are. they are all trying to stop each other.
    basically there are hundreds of million (or billion) dollar operations gunning for control.
    Level 7 - The Fog / Virus Soup
    This level is like a warzone. Every man for himself and everyone is trying to reach level 8. People try to prevent others from reaching Level 8 in whatever way necessary.
    The 7th layer is sometimes call "The Fog"
    or "virus soup" because the entire thing is pumped full of SOO SOO much code to try and ruin other people poking around in there.
    basically everyone is fighting to keep others out because of the value of the systems below.
    Level 8 - The Primarch System
    This is the last level of the web. Its just too damn downright INSANE.
    Level 8 is impossible to access directly. the Primarch System is literally the thing controlling the internet at the time.
    No government has control of it. In fact nobody even knows what it IS. Its a anomaly that basically was discovered by super deep web scans in the early 2000's.
    the system is unresponsive but it sends out unalterable commands to the entire net randomly.
    Basically the entire 7th layer is people trying to gain access to the 8th and stopping others (at any cost) from getting there as well.
    The 8th layer is thought to be separated by a level 17 quantum t.r.001 level function lock. I have no idea what that is.
    Here is something which will make things easier for you:

    Different level of the web

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