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    How to use Brutus to hack Facebook

    Brutus is a hacking tool created by hoobie , it is a sophisticated tool that is used for cracking passwords, hacking passwords or brute forcing a password.

    How to use Brutus to hack Facebook

    Brutus is a hacking tool that can be used to brute Force Password, it is one the best Softwares used to get passwords, it stores its password in a folder.

    One of its advantages is, it can be used by rookie and also has an understanding interphase

    Brutus supports Windows, Kali Linux, Mac OS, Debian Ubuntu, Parrot and others. 

    In this article I would guide you on how you can hack or crack a password using Brutus.

    How to Install Brutus 

    To install Brutus on your Computer click on the link to download Brutus.

    Download Brutus on Windows

    Click here to download

    I would be showing you how you can use Brutus to hack Facebook account or Gmail from a windows guide.

    To download and install Brutus click here.

    How to Setup Brutus on Windows OS

    After downloading Brutus, click on install and wait some minutes so it can install.

    Once that's setup proceed to next step.

    How to use Brutus to hack Facebook password

    Note, the approach below is not 100% successful, hacking Facebook account is tedious and cranky the best way to hack a facebook password is by Social Engineering.

    This approach might work with Gmail, Twitter or any other Networking platform.

    Follow the steps below.

    • Open Brutus on your Computer.
    • Scan for the IP address of your target.
    • Open your Command Prompt on Computer.
    • Type the code below.
    tracert www.gmail.com
    • Press enter, wait for it to load and go back to your Brutus, set the environment up like the picture below.
    How to install Brutus

    • Note the target pane can also accept target IP address.

    Have anything to say please let me know or drop a comment below.

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