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    How to Install/ Use SocialFish on Linux

    How to Use & Install SocialFish 

    How to Use & Install SocialFish

    Socialfish is a Kali Linux tool that can be used to Phish and hack Facebook account, Socialfish is a very powerful tool that can be used to clone Social websites like Facebook, Twitter and rest. 

    SocialFish also has the ability to scan a target location also get their coordinates, SocialFish can also expose a lot about a target.

    How to Install SocialFish

    SocialFish Powerfull - Facebook Hacking Tool | Educational Phishing Tool & Information Collector.

                          [Tab to Copy Command]

    $  apt update && apt upgrade

    $  git clone https://github.com/UndeadSec/SocialFish.git

    $  cd SocialFish

    $  pip install -r requirements.txt

    $  ls

    $  chmod +x SocialFish.py

    $  ./SocialFish.py

    $  ./SocialFish.py <root>  <password>

    How to Use SocialFish Facbook Hacking Tool

    • SocialFish can be simply used by following the steps below.
    • Type the following command on your terminal.
    • $ ./SocialFish.py <root> <password>
    • Your SocialFish link would be generated, click on it and login to your dashboard.
    • Open a new tab on your browser and open facebook, copy its URL and go back to your SocialFish dashboard.
    •  Paste the url in the clone box, you would see clone and redirect, still paste the redirect to Facebook.
    • After it has cloned successfully, copy the IP link and send to target.
    • Once someone clicks on the link the information is sent to you immediately, SocialFish also helps you expose some additional informations about your target.

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